Bubble: A Temporary Housing System for Nomadic Lifestyle Lovers

Patricia Muñiz and G. Luciano Alfaya have collaborated with Chas Cyprian, a noted architect in order to create a wonderful and contemporary concept living space. It has been developed in order to satisfy the requirements of non-permanent housing. It is called the Bubble and can be used for a nomadic housing purpose.

It even provides privacy thanks to all the clothes turning the walls opaque. There is enough light and air coming and thus it actually must be very comfortable to live inside it. You could use it in place of tents and campsite housing. However, I doubt it could be used in large urban spaces and the authorities may have a problem with squatters.


The thermal conditions are also met and the materials that the Bubble needs are cardboards, plastic, paper, and clothes etc which are part of urban waste that can be reused. It is very temporary in nature and you could easily dismantle it and carry it with you wherever you go. I am really impressed with the idea, but I wonder if it can really be used. Perhaps by the homeless!


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