The Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre is Indestructible

The Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre is being touted as the world’s toughest phone which is almost indestructible. It has a shell which has been engineered to perfection and is made of carbon fibre. There is no information about the specifications or features but being a Vertu phone, you could expect the standard camera, music player and other things like networking. It is intriguing because the phone comes at a time when there is a huge demand for luxury phones instead of durable phones. And it comes from the house of luxury cellphone makers!

In fact you can take a look at this picture here where the huge car is supported by 4 Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre. I would definitely buy it as I keep dropping my cellphone down all the time. There is no information about its price or availability but I am sure this phone is gonna be really hot in the coming few months.


Though the trend is towards chic and luxury phones which are delicate, the crowds will soon realize the futility of investing in such delicate cellphones as they get damaged easily. The Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre is practically indestructible.

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