Small Green Cactus Handmade Soaps for Parched Skin

You might think Cacti are all about stings and prickles. Well, you are wrong. Cactus contains rich nutrients which can soothe your skin from dryness just like it protects itself from the harsh arid sun. The Small Green Cactus Handmade Soaps have been launched by ConcordSoap at Etsy. The soaps are carefully cured and prepared using deft skills.

The makers know the importance of soap in skin care. They come in a Unisex scent and do not sting. They are packaged in a Kelly green organza bag and is amazingly refreshing and cool for the skin. Since it is handmade, you can expect the soap to be virtually free of harmful chemicals and it would keep your skin soft and supple.

The Green Cactus Soaps are not that expensive and cost about $3.75 for each piece. Once you use this soap, you could no longer complain that cacti or prickly and that they sting. On the contrary, cacti are your skin’s friends! So go ahead and get this soap before the summer ends, so that you can still rejoice in its coolness!

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