Rob Southcott Designs Surreal Bureau

Torontonian designer Rob Southcott is one such designer who makes you think and then think again. In fact, his designs encourage introspection so much that you get lost within your own thoughts. He has designed a drawer that is straight out of a surreal painting. Without any proper for or a pattern, it randomly juts out and comes with many different drawers.

It is an extremely interesting wooden bureau that makes sure there are a number of drawers but also saves space. The design makes optimum utilization of space and the design is fantastic. Each of the drawers is made from a logically sustainable and eco friendly wood and many different species of wood go into the single bureau.

This bureau represents multiculturalism with all those different species of wood being used in it. Even the handles are mismatched and it all leads to a sense of chaos which is usually the state of mind in which we all live in, though we refuse to accept or believe that. I am sure you would love to have this in your flat.

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