Persian Carpets are the New Chic from Milan to L.A

If there is something that is synonymous with Persia, it has to be gardens and carpets. Persian wine was pretty famous too! Well, if you were wondering what this time it is about, Persian carpets have caught my fancy for a long time. They are the most extravagant and most decadent pieces of art ever. Persian rugs and carpets are not about a piece of cloth, but it is a whole world of art.

They have even been mentioned in Torah in the chapter of Hegira. These carpets are now sold worldwide and some of them come with gold embroidery and are eve sudden with diamonds. Carpets that have rubies and emeralds in them are too common in Iran. You could contact Persian Carpet Export in order to receive your carpets directly from Iran.


They ship all over the world and offer extravagant carpets at competitive prices. You could also try the Persian Carpet House which offers shipping too. The not only offer carpets but also lamps, fabrics, jewelleries, accessories and Persian antiques. So if you are a fan of Persian carpets, make sure you order your magic carpet today. Who knows it really might take you places!

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