Meyerhoff Surfboards Modeled on the Shape of Wasps

If you are in to surfing, you would know how cool it is to have the wave racing against you or you racing against the tide. The adrenalin that gets pumped in your veins can’t really be compared with anything else and the most exciting sports perhaps really is surfing.

Thomas Meyerhoff is an amazing designer who knows the intricacies o0f this unique sport and has created surfboards that defy all imaginations. He has modelled the boards on the shape of wasps and the way one can race against the tide. These boards are long ones and is different from the usual short ones.surfm02

They make the act of surfing even more exhilarating and you would never look back once you are on a board like the ones he has designed. The Meyerhoff Surfboards come in different colours and you could choose the one that suits your need the most. So go ahead and get your act together and get to the surf, and start riding the waves just like the islanders of Hawaii did many centuries ago.

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