Madonna’s Ex James Albright Sells Her Love Notes, Phone Recordings and Videos

The love lives of celebs mean a lot of dough for some people. Sometimes it’s plain simple publicity that famous people crave for and get, and on other occasions someone buys a sex tape at a huge price. But this time it is a love letter and a couple of tapes and video from popstar Madonna that have gone under the hammer expecting make more than $50K. James Albright, who once upon a time was Madonna’s biyfriend in the early 90s, is the one doing the selling bit.

The auction features 17 minutes of explicit answer phone messages where Madonna has called herself “Li’l Booty” and reffered to ALbright as “Dumbo”. Then there is an extended video from Dangerous Game that shows a party with drugs, sadomasochism and pronography. And then there are the faxed love notes, of course, with many a steamy line and saucy nicknames.

Some letters also carry poems and phrases written in French. Albright sold some love letters in 2007 while in 2002, he tried selling his old girlfriend’s underwear. All the sales are being conducted minus the copyright.


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