Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc Unveils the Broken Mirror

Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc has unveiled the Broken Mirror which is actually not broken. The mirror comes with a cracked and eerie appearance and would make you look vulnerable but still cool. In many cultures, broken cultures are considered to be an ill omen. However, in some cultures in Africa, broken mirrors are considered to be sacred and are even revered.

There is a tribe which actually makes it mandatory for the mirrors to be broken before a virgin lands up in her man’s bed to ensure perfect copulation! This mirror is totally ragged and you cold either use it as an interior decor as a fully fledged mirror which can be used for whatever purpose.


The Broken Mirror by Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc is perfectly safe to be used and is not broken. There is no information about the price or the availability but you could always contact the designer if you are totally interested in it. So go ahead and get the Broken Mirror, and who know whose bed you might land up in!

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