Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc Unveil ONOFF Lamps

Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc has created these beautiful lamps which are pieces of art whether they are switched on or off. The lamps are called ONOFF because they look awesome whether they are switched on or off. When switched off, the lamp becomes a piece of art and when switched on, it takes a different character altogether.

For instance, a wine illustration looks like an amazing piece of drawing but when you switch it on, it quickly fills up and turns scarlet red. Thus, these lamps would be awesome for houses where you have a normal and languorous lifestyle during the day but as soon as night falls, you turn into something totally wicked!


So all you need to do is get your friends and throw a party and celebrate with ONOFF lamps. I would so love to have a lamp like this in my house. ONOFF comes in various hues and illustrations and it is quite amazing how just the light can change the total look of it. This is what I call an interior decorators dream!


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