Antique Tsiolkovskii Russian Space Exploration Books from the 1920s

Tsiolovskii was a Russian space scientist who was known for his early theories of human space travel and his theories about rocket propulsion and other such things led to the Soviet Space Programs. He worked anonymously and did not seek any fame, in spite of being the man behind everything that had to do with Soviet Space Agency.

In fact, the guy is so popular that the space ship in Star Trek: The Next Generation has his name on it. Here are a collection of antique booklets which are either slightly damaged or worn off, and they are good space antique pieces which would fetch a lot of money. You could buy these booklets for a price of $1,750 and it would be delivered to you via Shipping at an extra cost.

The booklets come with original grey wrappers and there are sticker residues on the wrappers. These booklets contain some vital Space Exploration themes and stories. All the booklets come with original wrappers and of course, ancient dust. These booklets could be a great investment for you, if you are well versed in the field of antiques. The books are from the 1920s.

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