Roberto Coin’s Cento Jewelry Collection Dazzles

Diamonds are the ultimate form of luxury. Now, famous jewelry designer Roberto Coin has given this precious ice a more exquisite form in his new Cento Diamond Collection. What makes the cento unique is the simple fact that it has a 100 facet diamond cut. Which means that unlike the traditional cut, this one flaunts 37 facets on just top alone while the bottom has 63 facets instead of the usual 33 and 24 respectively. The extra number of facets allows the diamond to shine with hundreds of reflections of light.

Might we add that this kind of cut is applied to every single diamond used to construct the Cento. All the stones weigh over 0.7 carats and come from the category ‘flawless’ and ‘small inclusions, not visible to the naked eye’. Coin has used only colorless and nearly colorless diamonds for his design.

Again, Coin’s diamonds come certified by the KPCS which implies that the precious stones come from conflict free areas. We also hear that Coin is so happy with the response his Cento collection has recieved that he has decided to add two all-new spectacular pendant necklaces to the collection.

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