Peek-a-Boo Coffee Table Surprises You, Totally!

There has been a spurt of designing sprees which have revealed man’s eternal need to save space. This peek-a-boo coffee table here is one such design that appears simple and small, but actually hides a lot within. It appears like a small box over which you can lay down a few magazines and some coffee mugs. But slowly when you stretch the table from either ends, it reveals far more complex shelves and even an area where you can have your dinner set laid.

The bright orange coloured dinner set area on the inside of the coffee table is a rude shock to people who think the table is quaint and simple. The table consists of many inner shelves to keep your magazines, food, and even perhaps wine if you are clever enough to accommodate.


Perhaps this is the best example of how you can design furniture that is suited to modern space constraint facing situations. It has been made of Baltic birch plywood and is called the “peek-a-boo” coffee table. At $500, it is pretty expensive but worth every dime you spend on it.

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