Lamborghini’s Enigmatic Reventon Spyder Takes Shape

It has been some time since we have been hearing stuff about Lamborghini’s grand plans of launching a roadster version of the carbon fiber Reventon supercar that is rare and costs a ton at 1 million Euros. This was considered as mere speculation until some concrete bit of information started flowing in. Recently, we got to know that the new car might just be called the Reventon Spyder. In fact, the Frankfurt Motor Show in September will allow the world its first peek at this much celebrated car.

Lamborghini has decided to make only 9 exmaples to keep the dream car like a dream. Just so you know, the original Reventon had only 20 units up for sale which were quicly sold out following the launch announcement. The Reventon Spyder inspired by Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce is expected to break that record too. The Spyder shal have full drive, reinforced frame and safety 670-strong 6, 5-liter V12. The maximum accleration is expected to touch 355 km/h.

Hold your breath while we tell yo the price. It is a cool $1.6 million. No wonder, the are already calling it one of the most expensive mass-produced cars in the world.

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