GT Crossover Gives New Meaning to SUVs

Lately SUVs have become so hot that even people who just restrict to driving around in the city have begun to buy SUVs. Thus, manufacturers have created sports utility vehicles which are significantly cheaper than the ones that were sold earlier, but somewhere along the way, the meaning of SU got distorted and it now lies an urban vehicle which is sad and boring.

The GT Crossover is a reaction to this scenario and can be used as a city commuter during weekdays and when required, you can use it as a performance GT car. Changing the car would cost as little as £3. It has a drive train of Electric 140Kw/ 190bhp @ 10,000 rpm and a storage space of 556 litters L 2400/ H 580/ W 400.


With a range of 313 miles and a weight of 950 kg it is one helluva SUV. It has been designed by Sam Johnson and hats off to him for creating such a stylish and well designed automobile! It would be interesting if the GT Crosso0ve is released soon enough for Christmas.



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