The Wave Glow Lounger Lights Up You Free Time As Well As Your Decor

Lounging is different from relaxing. Regular loungers will know just what we are talking about. Well, relaxing can just mean taking a break from work while lounging implies the participation of a comfy furniture unit on which you can lie and forget your woes of the world. The latter always does add its own sweetness to our extra wound lives today. Living Earth Craft is a brand know for creating high quality spa equipment, has now launched a new sort of relaxation lounger that is fit for both domestic as well as commercial use.

They are calling it the Wave Glow Lounger and we are told that it gives a new meaning to lounging. The shape is wavy forming an S curve supported by a zero gravity wave top that suspends your body in a weightless position to deliver ultimate comfort. A rathe unique cushioning system adds to the luxury of owning this lounge, also this one is eco-friendly natural upholestry. The base has been made in hand using renewable hardwoods to attain durability.

On top of all this, the furniture unit glows. Yes, it has a unique lighting system that lights up the area where it is kept. So, you decor looks extra good too. The Wave Glow Lounger wil cost you $4,995, and if that’s a little too much then you can go for a low model for $1,995.

wave-lounger, the cheaper model

Via livingearthcrafts

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