The White & Pink Eyelet-Trim Bikini is Gorgeous

If you are the kind of woman who would wear Swarovski Crystals anywhere on your body, you would certainly be interested in these bikinis that come with those famed crystals. The White & Pink Eyelet-Trim bikini has been designed by Alessandra Vicedomini and it would make you look almost like an exotic dancer in Paris’ Lido.

The bikini is crafted in Italy, sent to India for handcrafting, and comes back to Italy for further final touches. It costs $625 and I am sure that isn’t a heavy price to pay for these luxurious and sexy bikinis.

These look so outlandish that I am sure you would not be able to wear them on any of the regular beaches without attracti9ng unwanted attention. Instead, you could wear them in a private beach resort on an amazing island like Bora Bora or someplace like that. I am sure you can hardly wait to go and run and buy them for yourself before they all get sold out!

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