Nissan’s Forest AC Comes with Wood and Leaves Aroma

“Forest AC” air conditioning system by Nissan could be the next big thing in the world of automobiles. Perhaps you would no longer need the cigarette smelling Air Conditioned air that sits in your car anymore. The device comes with an automotive climate control setup which not only controls temperature, but also aroma, and humidity along with other ambient factors.

The idea was to create an atmosphere within the car that influences the physiological state of the driver and other passengers. The aroma of fragrant wood and leaves makes you attentive, and yet you would be calm and composed. This would not only avoid gruesome road accidents but also keep you in a state of mind that is incomparable.

The Forest AC would be installed in the new Fuga which would be unveiled in Tokyo very soon. I guess it is time we got such aromatic ACs which help us to drive better and safer. So keep a watch on the Forest AC for you never know, it might even be available as a standalone device!

Via: Autoblog

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