Low Water Consumption Outdoor Washstand is Portable too

Here is an interesting device to wash your hands and it is pretty well designed, keeping in mind the importance of conserving water. Igor Pinigin has designed the Ma (Low Water Consumption Outdoor Washstand) which allows you to wash your hands without wasting any water.

It comes with a disposable latex container and a console vessel which is filled with water or solution. It releases water only when it is touched and the disposable latex container can be changed after it is used. Thus, it avoids contamination of the washstand by a person’s touch. That person’s dirt won’t be carried over to the next person who touches it as the latex container is disposable.


It comes in bright colours and is pretty much portable and can be used outside. The Ma was presented at the Vodoparad design festival and it won an award by Willeroy & Boch. It also was voted and given a prize for the “Best Idea” by Salone Magazine. The characters were designed by Che Serhiy. I would say, get it the moment you set your sight on it!

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