Germicidal UVC Rays Purify Your Water When You Visit the Tropics!

The last time you felt thirsty, you must have reached out for a drab or boring bottle or just bought yourself the good old bottle of Evian. However, if you are in the middle of a Tropical country, chances are you would not get clean and pure water and even if you did, you would get it bottled in an uncool manner.

Imagine you are in this tropical paradise in Jamaica and you have no water available nearby! That’s when you would need the Aqualris Portable Water Purifier which is targeted at tropical markets. What’s more, it even comes in a great package and it almost looks like an art piece. However, it reminded me of a woman’s sandals the first time I looked at it.


The water is purified thanks to the germicidal UVC rays which hit every molecule of water that passes through the layer of converter crystals. The filter can be reused and in my opinion it is a great way to drink water in disease infested tropical regions. The designer Talia Radford has done an amazing job I am sure!

Via: Yanko Design

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