Fontplore: An Invaluable Tool for Designers

Sometimes when we are preparing documents, all we need is a good font and to be able to search or match great fonts. Fontplore is just the tool for this purpose and it is an interactive application which lets you search and explore fonts without any hitch. You could search among hundreds and thousands of fonts for your project and the coolest thing about this is it does it all on a sort of hi tech and interactive table.

It uses tangible objects to help you navigate and grasp actions and it is amazingly easy to grasp things and thus create a beautiful presentation or project. All this can be done on a table because it helps you to avoid flipping through various fonts, especially if you are a designer. Even web based platforms are not that easy.

The table platform allows you to hold things that are not otherwise tangible and also lets you create a digitalized font and explore from older ones. It combines the advantages of web and print based research. It comes with an amazing tagging system that lets you search for anything you want and the result is visually and professionally satisfying. I would say, go for it!

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