Car Inspired by Vacuum Cleaner, but Does Not Clean

Graphic designer Santosh Chawla has created a car that has been inspired by a vacuum cleaner. It has an incredibly small turning circle and is made of recycled materials and is extremely green and eco friendly. The car is called Circulus and it can be powered by Hydrogen cells. It can turn on even a dime and reach places where you could never imagine a car could reach.

You could explore snow patches, mountainous roads, or just use it to commute within the city. While it is confusing to think its only reason for fame is its maneuverability, I just don’t get the whole hoopla about a Hydrogen powered car which can turn here and there. If it could actually have worked like a Vacuum Cleaner and actually cleaned everything in its path, it would have been an awesome design.

Perhaps Mr. Chawla missed the point and designed a car that is inspired by a vacuum cleaners maneuverability instead of being inspired by its cleaning nature. These days, designing has become an easy task with anyone and everyone claiming to have created awesome designs, just like this Circulus here, which just circles around.

Via: Gizmag

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