U.S. Airways Gets Wi-Fi For Internet Surfers

Travelling by air is indeed the fastest way to go places but even then there is a fair chance that you might be too bored of the limited set of films available for viewing and even the favorite past time – sleeping. So far nothing really has been done about it and the U.S. airways might just be making a cool new beginning. Apparently, the airways has teamed up with Gogo inflight internet service to provide inflight Wi-Fi train to its passengers.

Many are already calling this step a relief package which will allow internet nerds to access the Web, Instant Messaging, email and VPN access and will even be available for purchase to folks with laptops, smart phones and other Wi-Fi gadgets at the standard price range.

As a starter, only the US Airways A321 aircraft will be using this technology for certain domestic routes. Prospective travellers can check the availability of the Wi-Fi service on the official webpage of U.S. Airways before booking the flights.

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