Tempting Toys, Don’t Go By The Name Alone with Sagrasso Planet

Collectible toys are not a new idea but it sure is one that never goes out of fashion. At the San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, folks got to see a cool collection of four action figures that belonged to the ‘Sargrasso Planet’ at the booth of Tempting Toys. And the dealer himself knew very little about them except for the fact that he was just displaying them for a private collector.

You can’t even guess the price, which by the way is $147,000. On some research, we discovered that the four alien toys go by the name of Insectillian, Rocky, Robo and Calcious but they aren’t so famous. In fact, even Sargasso Planet isn’t. You don’t get much enlightened by the website itself.

Coming back to the huge price, well you pay that to earn yourself four cheap looking toys in an old box. No we aren’t trying to run them down, but yes we are indeed trying to give you a real picture just in case you might turn out to be a comic die-hard with the support of a huge legacy.

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