MJ’s Hair To Be Preserved In Diamond Form

Fans are trying very hard to make the memory of pop superstar Michael Jackson live forever, and they are not willing to rely solely on his music alone. As a matter of fact, the hair that Jackson apparently lost while shooting for a Pepsi advertisement in 1984 will be turned into diamonds. It might sound a wee bit bizarre but LifeGem has agreed to take up the task. The US-based company has a history of making high-quality diamonds from the carbon of a loved one’s body.

We are informed that Jackson’s hair is enough to create 10 diamonds which will later be given away to few lucky fans of his in a unique way. The hair that’ making news was collected by the executive producer of the videograoher Ralph Cohen when the singer’s hair caught fire after a stunt went wrong. After having saved the hair for 25 years, he sold it to John Reznikoff, who is known to be a zealous collector of celebrity and historical hair.

It is Rezinkoff who has struck the deal with LifeGem. But he has decided to use only a portion of the hair for the diamonds and will keep the rest in his collection. By the way, the same team worked on Beethoven’s hair and ended up selling it for $2000,000 on eBay. Let’s wait and watch what sales records will MJ’s hair break!

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