WITness Watch Is The Modern Day Sun Dial

The most elite and fashionable watches are available today and it is one of the accessories that people can hardly do without. Before the invention of watches, though, it was by seeing the position of the sun in the sky that people could tell the time. The creation of the sun dials was a big development and some sun dials can still be found today.

The WITness Watch is styled after the sun dials of the ancient days and seems to be a tribute to that first time-reading device. Sans numbers, the display of the watch mimics the shadows formed on a sun dial throughout the day by the movement of the sun, but unlike a real sun dial you can even tell the time at night on this watch. The WITness watch also has a power saving mode. Pressing the power button on the side of the watch would power it up and light up the display for five seconds after which it would automatically shift to the standby mode at which the watch uses only 35% of the LED power.

The concept watch designed by Hay Heun has a flexible size strap with a quick lock system for easy use. Sadly, the display which lends the watch its uniqueness is also its downfall because people may find it quite hard to read the time on this.

witness watchwitness watch

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witness watch

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