Orb Bluetooth Headset Makes For Chic Jewellery

Bluetooth headsets have made the world so much better for the music and phone-chat addicted souls of the world. No matter how cool your headset, you still look like a geek when you sport one all day long. Women, especially, are loathe to wear one that just wouldn’t match their shoes and other accessories!

Here’s a headset that all the chic women would absolutely love. The Orb Bluetooth Headset doesn’t look anything like a headset. Designed much like a beautiful piece of jewellery, the headset comes in the form of a ring that can comfortably be worn around your finger when not in use. A simple twist and it takes a shape that allows you to use it as a headset. The hi-tech headset has NXT technology that makes use of bone conduction to provide clear audio.

The Orb headset was developed in a collaboration between Hydra Advance Technology and AbsolutelyNew Inc. and provides a Bluetooth range of 30ft. Different versions of the headset is available, including a deluxe edition with a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Device (FOLED) display which shows caller ID etc and lets you use the headset in ring mode, and another model with gemstones. The Orb will be available from January next year and cost $130 and the Deluxe edition which comes out in April will cost $175.

orb bluetooth headset

Via: Gizmag
orb bluetooth headset

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