NES Controller Type Case: Best for Gaming Meetings

Gaming is more than just a fun hobby; it is a lucrative business and a way of life for a lot of people. Perhaps, that is why gaming paraphernalia has found its way into a lot of other fields and is being used in some very interesting ways.

Nintendo has made a big name for itself in the gaming world and most gamers swear by the therapeutic effects of playing away on a Nintendo gaming set. Your boss might not like it if you decide to play a video game during your office hours but you can still show off what a big fan you are even while remaining professional. The NES Controller Type Case needs no explanation. This product by Banpresto has two separate sections for your business cards and those you receive from others.

Mimicking the style of the old NES controller, the card case will bring back memories from long ago when things were much simpler and controllers had the famed AB buttons. The card case costs 2,900 yen and will make you the most popular at boring board meetings.

Via: AkihabaraNews
NES controller type card case

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