House Arc Modular Home Was Inspired By A Bike Rack

Prefabricated homes are the demand of the season. Apart from being quite cost effective and having the modularity to make it easier to move around, prefabricated houses are also extremely practical and useful in extreme times of need.

When nature shows its wrath or man goes too far and creates trouble, prefabricated houses are the best solution available for people who have lost their real homes. Generally, designers try to create living houses that can be created and assembled in the easiest and quickest manner with the least spending. The ideas for creative designs also come from the most mundane and strange places. The House Arc designed by Joseph Bellomo from Palo Alto was inspired by a bicycle rack!

Bellomo also designed the Tube Arc which he had drawn up for Bike Rack and that became the inspiration of his tubular structured prefab house. The prefab House Arc would be constructed from steel or lightweight carbon fibre and is covered with a layer of plastic coated with a solar film that would power the light sources. A House Arc of 800sqft would cost about $100,000.

bicycle rack

Via: Re-Nest/SFGate
house arc

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  • the thing i love about bike racks is that they keep your bicycle secure in one place against thieves-.”

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