F1 Boys De-Stress With The F1 Chess Board Between Races!

Chess is the game that noble men were most famous in the days of old and were played only by the most intellectual of the lot. Playing a game of chess signified one’s high cognitive ability and also included the ability to sense the other players’ moves before it is carried out. What chess has never been is one of speed because a chess game could go on indefinitely.

On the other hand, a game of chess is intensified when played by quick thinking individuals and that’s why it makes sense that the world’s first carbon chessboard was designed by formula F1 designer Dominik Scheurer and his partner. Carrying the style of and as elegant and high priced as any F1 car, the chess board is made from high quality steel carbon fibre materials.

The chessmen for the board are made from stainless steel and the white and black side can be identified by the layer of 24 carat gold on one set and that of sterling silver for the other. A Backgammon board made in the same style will also be available soon.

formula1 chess-board

Via: Carbon-Luxury
formula1 chess-board

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