New Concept of Bed Hastens You To Your Sleep

The thought that actual comfort is in sleep and not really in the bed you lay on might just go redundant in the present times. After all, such beds have been designed with the ruling technology that ensure you get just the right amount of Zzzzs you need. And for that, a lot of special credit goes to your mattress too. Hastens is one brand that has forever catered to your bed needs in the best possible way and now they have a cool new offer in the form of the 200T II, Excelsior II and Luxuria beds.

Among these, the 2000T II is the most expensive at £15,380 but it is still less than the price of the super-luxurious mattress Vividus sold by the same brand. Coming back to 2000T II, this one has a uniquely developed system of layers that lend extra softness and pliability. You get the correct support and comfort.

The other two beds, the Excelsior II and Luxuria are comparatively cheaper at £9,680 and £6,340 respectively. Everyone is quite impressed with this new improved range by Hastens after all it has the backing of 150 years of expertise by master craftsmen. For your info, Hastens beds are made from the finest naural materials like horsehair, cotton, flax, wool and slow growing solid pine from the Northern forests of Sweden and all of them come with a 25 year guarantee.




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