Kim Katinis Unveils Shading System for the Beach

You might have always desired for a private yet comfortable shady place on the beach where you could protect yourself from the searing heat, and also from the prying eyes of others. Eminent designer Kim Katinis has designed a cool Shading System specially targeted at the beach crowd. In fact, the product has been designed for the Greek National Furniture Design Competition.

The product even meets with the requirement that at least 50% of the material should be hard wood. The shading system really works well and is a great way to protect yourself from sun, rain, and other elements. It even gives you a “private” space in the otherwise crowded beach, while not cutting you off from the public. It even blends with the sandy environment and is fixed in the ground by four anchors.


 It faces all kinds of Mediterranean weather conditions and you really should get this if you are planning to go to the beach. The Shading System is made of tarpaulins and can also be customized according to the customer’s wish.

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