Decadent Lifestyle Returns with a Dance Theatre to Ex-Leningrad

Dutch architects UNStudio recently won a prize and the result was that they got a deal to design a dance studio in St. Petersburg. The building would be clad in triangular panels and would be a landmark of sorts in the historic city. Russian writer Nikolai Gogol would have loved to see this in the city of decadence and luxury, as the monumental structure almost looks like a slap in the face against aristocracy and also against the communists.

The dance theatre would have a capacity of 1,300 and the whole idea was to create auditoriums where every single person could see the dancers’ feet. The idea sounds superb and the pictures reveal an architectural masterpiece.


The next time you are in St. Petersburg expect to find a cool construction site which would look cooler when the building is completed. St. Petersburg was earlier called Leningrad and houses some of the most artistic palaces and monuments in the whole wide world. Russian cities can be surprisingly elite and luxurious for people from outside.


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