Ryan McGinley Unveils Amur Leopard

Ryan McGinley has designed the Amur Leopard which is an electric bike solution intended to help the woes of Beijing commuters. Electric bikes are usually convenient but have their share of things that piss you off. It is also difficult to carry anything more than yourself, because they have no space.

However, the Amur Leopard has space for your laptop and also navigational and communication devices which are built in. The space is located under the seat and there is enough space for many gadgets to be kept. The bike also runs on electric power and thus is very clean and green. I would have loved to ride this bike, if only it were available where I am right now.


There is also a map device which doubles up as a smart phone and you could access Internet and email. I also like the colour combination of the bike as it is very pleasing and comforting to the eyes. I would say, grab it if you get it! Vote for it at James Dyson Award entry.


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  • I for one don’t like the colour combination, it sort of gives it a cheap plastic look. A metallic black, dark green or silver would look much better.

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