Famous 1870-S Half Dime Makes More Than A Million Bucks

Like they, save a dime to make a couple of big bucks in a hundred years. In the case of the 1870-S half dime, it took a little over 200 years but we cannot hear anyone complaining. Apparently, this little coin has a value of $1.4 million and it was sold along with a collection of 93 mint-condition half dimes for a huge $2.2 million to Laura Sperber, who by the way is the Prez of the Legend Numismatics of Lincroft in New Jersey.

We are told that the 1870-S was not even known to have existed until 1978. And that adds to its already popular status to have acted as a forerunner for the modern nickel. In fact, there were even plans to ceate the coin but Mint records showed no signs of it. And then in 1978 folks heard of this coin turning up in Chicago. Since then it has changed hands several times.

But that isn’t the most interesting part of this coin. Sperber and Legend Numismatics had bought this coin for $661,250 in a 2004 auction and then sold it to a New Jersey collector; only to repurchase it fiver years later for more than double. Looks like someone has long-term plans.

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