Carolina Fontoura Clamps Old Bike Chains To Make Stunning Lamps


Mmmmmmm…somehow we can linger in the feeling for a long long time. We are referring to the delight of discovering something luxe that is eco-friendly too. The new status that recycling has acrrived at vis-a-vis the richie richs of the world, is truly amazing. Nowadays, no one scrunched their noses when someone tells them that so and so attractive item has been made from useless objects.

The same inspiration caught on Mexican-Brazilian artist Carolina Fontoura who has now given such a wonderful craft to the world that no one can stop raving about her. What she really done is experimented with old bicycle chains to create luxuriously elegant lamps and chandeliers to suit your high-end decor.

Carolina’s first solo show Connect is on and she is displaying all these lighting creations of hers. Everyone is impressed with the fact that her works look heavy and delicate at the same time. The touch of the Victorian era is quite evident along with DIY and bike culture. We hope these hit the markets soon.



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