Wrap a Peshtemal Around Your Waist!

In an ancient courtyard that leads to a steamy chamber, men sit around wrapped in towels waiting for their turn to be massaged, pressed and oiled by trained masseurs while the steam bakes all the bodies. The result is a refreshingly young and smooth skin which glows in the bright Turkish sunlight. Peshtemal is a towel that is used in such Turkish baths called “Hamam”.

A Hamam is ancient, healthy and invigorating and the towel that is used in such places is equally quaint and ancient. A Peshtemal is a large towel and is worn around the waist in such Hamams to protect the modesty of a man. It is soft, light and absorbs water while drying off very quickly.


It is hand woven and is made of cotton and this can be used in bathrooms, pools, gyms, spas and other such places. These handmade Peshtemals cost $18 each and are tastefully designed in light green and other colours. You really must get these if you are looking for an original Turkish bath!


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