Parajet Skycar Does a Timbuktu Trip

Parajet SkyCar is being touted as the world’s first road legal flying car which comes with an aggressive design and sporty looks, as the makers claim. Man’s dream has been to fly always and that was fulfilled when the flight was invented. However, most of us have secretly dreamt or fantasized about cars flying in the air.

Many have even gone ahead and designed such cars but none had ever been legally allowed to be manufactured and sold to public. Parajet SkyCar flew from London to Timbuktu in an attempt to trace the early adventurers who lost their lives in the dreary deserts of Saharan landscape.

They are already accepting fully refundable deposits of 10,000 Pounds where as the real cost of the Parajet SkyCar is $81,700. It is expected to be released in 2010. It would be interesting to fly a car but this would call for new kinds of traffic rules. Imagine a car suddenly starts to fly in the middle of a traffic jam in London! Of course, it is clean and green.

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