Mercedes Benz Eco Friendly Car Unveiled

Cars that guzzle petrol and diesel are passé and no one wants to be seen driving a car that is an environmental disaster. Mercedes Benz is one of the best brands out there who have created cars that are green and environmentally viable even if they guzzle petrol.

They have just unveiled the Blue Zero concept which is affordable, eco conscious, and would run on an E Cell with battery. It also comes with collision support, and the sweeping curve is the car’s defining look. Most concepts make a lot of claims about being terribly functional or extremely outlandish. But the Mercedes Benz Blue Zero makes no such claims ad is based on reality and affordability and the great thing is it works!


There is no information about the car’s availability or manufacturing. Of course, we do not the price at this stage either! I love the car’s interiors and they are fit for royalty than plain rich people. And I am sure each one of us are royalty in our own rights!


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