Loius Vuitton Sports Bag Looks More Like a Travel Bag

There might have been times when you were travelling and just realized that your bag isn’t enough to accommodate all the stuff you wanted to purchase. Usually when you are travelling you would not want to be in a position where you would have to buy a bag!

It is also possible that the place you are travelling in does not come with luxury stores to buy the brand you want. You could get yourself this Louis Vuitton’s Sport Bag Duffle. The bag is made of super soft leather and you would regret coughing out $2,910. The thing is, it really is not a travel bag and is a sports bag, and can be used to carry your gear.

But like most guys do, there is nothing better than something sporty to carry with you when you are travelling. I would use this more during travelling and less when hitting the sports club next block. Nevertheless, an occasional trip to the gym with this bag would only make all the guys envy your taste!

Via: Acquire Mag

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