Wind Up Walkie Talkies For Eco-Conscious Hikers

Eco gadgets are all the rage now an although some of the gadgets have only the eci-friendliness as their high point, others come out as so completely refreshing and interesting that you just have to try it out. If you were like most all kids during your childhood, then you probably had a walkie talkie that you drove your folks mad with.

This walkie talkie is much like what you must have had when you were a kid (apart from the fact that this one definitely has a cooler design) but there is so much more to it. The Wind Up Walkie Talkies work just like cheap windup toys: sans batteries. Although, it can be powered with the 6V mains adaptor, you only need wind it for a minute to keep it working for ten minutes and talk on it for 2 minutes. On full charge, the talkies can go on for 8 whole hours.

Apart from the rugged design, the talkies offers signal range of 3kms and can broadcast from 8 different channels. At 60 pounds, it may seem a bit extravagant for a walkie talkie but think of how this doesn’t hurt the environment with needing endless charging.

Via: Gadgets-for-Men
wind up walkie talkies

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