£160,000 JetLev-Flyer: From Water Sports To flying!

It was Icarus who first tried to fly and burnt his wings as he neared the sun to fall into the sea. Humans have come a long way from that first flying attempt, though, and we now have many ingenious ways of acquiring the thrill of flying.

JetLev-Flyer is an extraordinary and seriously cool product for anyone trying to get to the skies. This amphibious product will not only help you fly but will also feature as a water product, giving you the best of both worlds. The flyer pack uses a strong 4 stroke engine and water nozzle reaction force to propel you off the water and into the air.

Depending on the weight of the user, the JetLev-Flyer can hit cruising speeds of 65kmph for duration of 1-2 hours and reach altitudes of 10m. It can be used by anyone between 40kgs and 120 kgs in weight, which is pretty much any adult. Along with the jet pack, the buyer will receive an instructional video’ learning how to use the jet pack is relatively easy and quick. The JetLev-Flyer costs £160,000. So, are you ready to fly?

Via: Gaj-It

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