Tokyo’s Shibuya Station Gets Electricity Generating Tiles

Energy conservation is the new slogan and everyone has been doing their part to not only conserve energy but also create some on the go. Some of the methods that we have already heard are about making electricity from treadmills and revolving doors. However, the Japanese NEDO organization has installed a few specially designed tiles on the pavement outside Tokyo’s Shibuya Station which makes electricity every time someone steps on it.

The tiles are called Hatsudenyuka, which means “electricity-generating floors” in Japanese. The results are being assessed and if it is found to be profitable and worthy, there would be more large scale production of these tiles and would thus be installed everywhere there is a lot of walking activity.

These tiles could help us create electricity which has become such a rarity these days. It is almost a panic-button pressing situation as the power shortages in developing countries is bound to have ripple effects all across the developed world. One shall really have to find alternate sources of energy such as this.

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