BMW Concept Car Refashioned in Fabric

German studio Gate 11 has designed an awesome body for the BMW Concept Car. The car seeks to answer question about future ideas about luxury, aesthetics, efficiency, eco-friendliness, and many other things. The body almost seems to have been made out of a fabric though one can’t really be sure.

The design seeks to understand alternatives to cuts and lines and yet be geometric in the process. The idea is to create a car that can adept to situations while driving. The video shows and seeks to explain why fabrics might just be the right material to be used for a car’s exterior and how one can ignore metal exteriors, thereby reducing the stress on natural resources.

The stylish BMW design shows the usage of taut fabrics for the car’s exterior though one cannot say how “tailor-made” cars can really be in order to “suit” the driver, literally. Questions of safety, durability and driving conditions will definitely pop in, much to the discomfort of the designers. Nevertheless, it is certainly a cool idea.

BMW Concept Car: GINA from 12FRAMES on Vimeo.

Via: Fubiz

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