A Vintage 1925 Brescia Bugatti Reduced To Wreckage By Water & Time

It all goes into the elements one day! Such is life that all must meet the same fate. Brand Bugatti learnt it recently when a group of lucky divers from the Swiss city of Ascona got lucky when on a regular swim in the Verbano Lake a few day ago. Well as it turned out, the divers came across a real treasure in the form of the 1925 Brescia Bugatti which they found sitting at the bottom of the lake.

On researching, it was discovered that the vintage Bugatti had been lying in the water for over 70 years now. So, you can well imagine the condition that this now dilapidated dream machine must have been in.

For the uninitiated, there are some 3000 Bugattis all across the world. And the one in reference still has its number intact which led us to discover that it was put into curculation on April 11, 1925. Not only that, the car is also one of the 13 Brescias that were prdered for in SWitzerland. Though it has been agreed up that the car is beyond restoration, there still will be an auction of the same with the funds going to Fondazione Damiano Tamagani.


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