Puppet Theater at Carpenter Centre for the Visual Arts: Architecturally brilliant!

All the world’s a stage… But this stage is so spectacular, unique and astounding that one wishes the world as of today seems to pale in comparison. The Puppet Theater that was specially created at Carpenter Centre for the Visual Arts at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the building looks as dazzling and out-of-this world as any other theater that one could conjure up. Designed by French conceptual artist Pierre Huyghe and Harvard assistant professor of architecture, Michael Meredith and a team of GSD students at the university, the modern puppet theater incorporates in its structure metaphorical identities of an egg, a seed, a tumor, an alien spacecraft, and Le Corbusier’s brain.


While it seems to be only a temporary structure that will soon be unassembled, the entire theater was built using 500 white polycarbonate panels, 2000 bolts and real moss skin to give the interiors and the exterior a life-like feel. If the art of puppetry received this kind of support across the planet, then we could be sure that people will attend in full houses for the shows… If not to see the act on stage, then the stage and the structure that holds it!


Via: cubeme / bellostes / architecturalscholar


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