Genius EasyPen i405 and MousePen i608: For those with an artistic bend!

Designers these days are lost in their own CG world where the actual mechanics and practicality hold little meaning and extravagant model after model is unleashed to be destined to the drawing board. To be fair though, this has also brought out some cool new designs which might one day see production. To help promote this trend (Or so it seems), genius have brought out a couple of new products that allow you to sketch, design and write when on the move. The EasyPen i405 and MousePen i608 cater to the needs of those who would love to do away with all that paper waste as well.

Coming to what they are made of, the EasyPen i405 comes with 28 programmable “Hot-Keys”, and the MousePen i608 comes with an additional one that enables instant and easy access to common Office and Internet functions. The 1024-level pressure sensitivity of the pen along with its buttons that offer control over the sketches and seem simple and precise in usage. The EasyPen i405 measures 4” x 5.5”while the MousePen i608 comes at 8” x 6” and has an integrated wireless mouse.

Both the options seem pretty lucrative for professional designers who need to work when on the move, but neither of them will serve you too well in case it is a bumpy ride. While the EasyPen i405 comes at $79, the MousePen i608 at $99 looks like a better option.

Via: Businesswire

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