Crevasse Sink from Kohler: Keeping your kitchen station eternally clean!

The kitchen is where the heart of every woman lies and it is this room of the home hat they wish to keep ultra-clan, neat, organized and in an order that fits their liking. One of the problems that plague most people who do spend considerable time cooking in the kitchen is the amount of waste that gets accumulated on the kitchen station. Whether it is due to cutting of vegetables or cleaning something else and getting it ready for lunch, the moment the station becomes messy your work slows down and time is completely wasted. Kohler has got the perfect solution to this age old problem with the Crevasse Sink.

Designed by Anne Kitzmiller, the Crevasse Sink disposes off trash effectively with the push of a button. With it being already integrated into the kitchen station, you need not collect and dump the waste separately. Once the sink is filled with waste, you just need to flush it out using the simple touch of a button. Saving both time and effort enormously, it makes your cooking a lot more organized and hassle free. So in case you are going for a new kitchen, you might want to strongly consider putting in one of these € 900 sinks.

Via: designbuzz / kohler


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