Cayago Magnum Water Scooter For Rich Boys

Water sports take the trophy when it comes to the most fun, exhilarating and refreshing ways to enjoy a hot summer day. The best thing about water sports is that it can be enjoyed by almost anyone, but how can a rich person enjoy if everyone else is on it as well?

For the rich brats on the block, Cayago brings you a water scooter that no average water boy or mermaid could ever hope to ride. Titled the Magnum, this beautiful hunky water scooter is fitted with the latest in technology which includes a sonar system and electronic compass. The rich boy’s toy can be used underwater at high speeds and offers 20 gear speed control powered by it 10hp electric engine with lithium ion accumulators.

The Magnum will give you 4 hours operating time and its sonar and compass allows it to be used even in the worst viewing conditions. Making this awesome toy even more inaccessible is the fact that only 100 of the scooters would be made and each of it would cost about 78,000 €. Talk about a limited edition, phew!

Via: SeaBob/Travelizmo
cayago magnum

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