Bang & Olufsen BeoTime: Alarm Clock Or Flute?

For years, it had seemed as though the alarm clock could not be redesigned to view something less repulsive and loathsome to all those individuals who are fortunately or not fortunately born as non-morning people. Individuals waiting impatiently for designer to get the guts to make the alarm clock more appealing- and, now it has been done.

The Bang & Olufsen alarm clock cannot truly be referred to as a simple and functional alarm clock for it is more than that. This piece of art was designed by Steffen Schmelling in the guise of a flute and had been, in fact, inspired by Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Titled BeoTime, the flute alarm clock has small cubes instead of the air holes normally found on the musical instrument. The cube-like displays are fitted with motion sensors which activates the display backlights the moment it is touched. You can even set your favourite tune on the clock so you get to sleep or wake up to pleasing music of your choice.

Viewing the numbers on the displays would be no problem at all; however, setting the magical clock for alarm may be slightly difficult. The alarm clock would be available from showrooms this August and would probably cost a stunning $375.

b&o beotime

Via: PRNewsWire
b&o beotime

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