iPod Party Speaker Kicks Up A Blast At Parties

Parties can be an awesome nuisance at times; you have a house full of people who want stop bragging about imagined great deeds and no matter how much you scream out they just don’t seem to hear you shouting at them to get out of your house.

The iPod Party Speaker has a two wheeled base and a retractable handle so you can wheel it around your house screaming at people to leave using the microphone that comes with the speaker. For those who actually enjoy throwing parties for no reason, the speaker can be connected to any iPod and most any CD and MP3 players to have a real music blast. The 22W speaker system is made from heavy duty aluminium and can even be connected to musical instruments so long as they have 6.3mm output jacks.

The iPod Party Speaker has a rechargeable internal battery that can keep you dancing to its heavy tunes for 12 long hours and can also be powered with a 5m mains cable. The iPod Party Speaker is £179.00 (about $295) and doesn’t look too bad. So, you ready to kick up the noise level?

Via: IWantOneofThose
ipod party speaker

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